Mitch Berger and Bambi Lashell New Update on Summer Wedding

Mitch Berger and Bambi Lashell fell in love on “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Patti did a great match up with these two and things are still going great. In a new video interview, you can see that they are planning a summer wedding. Check out the video below.

In this clip, the are comparing the big bling on their fingers. Mitch shows off his Super Bowl ring while Bambi shows off her diamond engagement ring. They haven’t announced a wedding date, but they do say that it is this summer. He also said that it is in July in Vancouver.

They also talk about how they met on “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Mitch Berger thought that it was a one in a million chance that he would meet someone that was really cool. He compares meeting Bambi to winning the jackpot. They seem very happy and like a perfect match. Patti did a great job on picking these two.

Bambi said that she was ready to do something different with her dating life and thought that this would be an interesting way to find someone. She did just that with Mitch!


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