Rumors Swirl Kris Jenner Can’t Get Stars on Her Show

kris jenner wikimediaKris Jenner’s new talk show is coming and rumors are that she can’t get any stars to book the show. Today Gossip Cop was able to put rumors to rest and reported that this is totally false. This show will start airing in July of 2013.

The rumors started because Star magazine put up a headline saying ““No One Wants To Be On Kris’s Talk Show!” They are trying to say that people are either turning her down or just ignoring her, but this is not true at all and viewers will see that when the show stars airing with A-list celebs on it.

A rep from the show is saying that they haven’t even hired staff yet or started trying to book celebs for the show, but that a lot of them are interested in the show when it starts. Personally I can’t wait to watch Kris Jenner on hew new talk show which will air everyday starting July 15. How does she have the time to host this show and be momager? She will find the time somehow!


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