Derek Hough Won’t Be the New ‘Bachelor’

derek hough wikimedia Fans of “The Bachelor” are looking forward to knowing who the next guy will be. Rumors are swirling that Derek Hough could be trying to find love, but today Gossip Cop put a stop to those rumors saying that they aren’t true at all. Star is reporting that Derek was offered $3 million to do the job, but this did not really happen.

Derek’s rep spoke out and actually laughed out loud at the idea. They said that there is no way that he will be the guy handing out roses next season. He is still single and trying to find love, but not by putting it on a show for the entire world to see.

“The Bachelor” usually picks guys from past seasons anyway. Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette” is going to start airing at the end of May. More than likely the next guy handing out roses will be one of the guys she sends home instead of Derek Hough.



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