Hear Pat Robertson’s Thoughts on Cheating

Pat Robertson has some views on cheating that people will not agree with at all. I don’t like what he had to say on “The 700 Club.” A woman asked about forgiving her husband for cheating and the answer he gave is making people mad everywhere!

He makes it sound like it is just fine because men have a wandering eye and this will happen. He just doesn’t seem to understand the problem with it at all. It is sickening to see how he sticks up for the man and tells this wife to just forgive and move on.

Cheating is not okay. Pat Robertson tells the woman she needs to make her man not want to go elsewhere. She needs to be pretty and keep him happy. Yes this is true, but that doesn’t make it okay for him to go on to someone else. Sometimes women just want to wear sweatpants at home and that should be okay to do!

Check out what Pat Robertson had to say below. I am shocked.


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