‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: McCrae Tells Amanda He Loves Her

On the “Big Brother 15” live feeds, cans get to see some things that nobody else is seeing. Amanda and McCrae could be more than just a showmance if you pay attention to the way that he is talking to her. They are having sex in the house, enjoying each other, and now he is telling her that he loves her. Do you think it is real?

In this clip from the live feeds last night, he is talking to her about being a Have Not and telling her she is pretty. They do a bit of kissing and then at the very end he tells her that he loves her. It is hard to tell what she says after, but she leans back in for more kissing.

Some couples have made it outside of the house. Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are still together and going strong. Do you think that Amanda and McCrae have what it takes to be a couple outside of the “BB15” house?


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