Outdoor Element Gives Update on Survival Bracelets

Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets

Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets

Outdoor Element’s survival bracelets will be coming out soon. They want everyone to know that they are making sure that their customers get a quality product and sometimes it takes a bit longer than planned. At this time, it looks like the bracelets will be ready to go in late September or early October.

They did have a couple of small setbacks on the striker plates and they want to give you great quality so they are working on getting it right. They were originally cut with a laser and didn’t work right. Luckily one of the guy’s at Outdoor Element was smart enough to use his Dremel tool at home and figure out what was wrong. They are now being done right before you get one on your wrist. They are also doing some fixes to the plastic buckle.

If you want to make sure you get one of these great survival bracelets, you can check out Outdoor Element on their site and go ahead and pre-order yours.


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