Facts About ‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis

juan pablotwitterABC recently announced that Juan Pablo Galavis is the next guy on “The Bachelor” 2014. Fans didn’t get to see a lot of him on “The Bachelorette” 2013 with Desiree Hartsock and they want to get to know him better. Here are some great facts about him.

  • He has a daughter named Camilla. She is the main woman in his life now. This makes him the second single dad to be cast as “The Bachelor.”
  • Even though he did grow up in Venezuela, Juan Pablo was actually born in the United States. He also went to college here.
  • He is hoping to find a woman that loves adventure, but they also have to love his daughter. This woman is going to be a step-mom to Camilla.
  • Juan Pablo is 32-years-old.
  • His career used to be a soccer player, but he retired in 2009. He is actually worth over $1.2 million.
  • Carla is his ex and the mother of his daughter. They have a great relationship.

“The Bachelor” 2014 will start airing in January on ABC with Juan Pablo Galavis handing out roses.

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