Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

baby shower flickrBaby shower games are a must-have for all baby showers. Not only are they great ice breaker for guests who may not know each other well, but they are a fun way to get the guest of honor a few extra gifts, seeing the mother-to-be always wins. These are just a few ideas of great baby shower games everyone will love to play:

Dirty Diaper Game – “The Dirty Diaper Game” is the only time you want to get stuck with the dirty diaper! It is an easy and fun shower game for everyone. Simply make tiny diapers out of tissue paper and stuff with mints or nuts or whatever party snack you prefer. Add a little dab of peanut butter or chocolate to make one of the diapers “dirty.” Make sure the mother-to be gets the dirty diaper in this baby shower game so she can win the prize.

Let’s Go Shopping Game – “The Let’s Go Shopping Game” is an unusual take on the old road trip memory game. Start of with “I’m going shopping for a new baby and I’m going to buy…” and then start a list of baby items to buy. If you want, you can go in alphabetical order or, to make in more challengingly, it can be in any order. Remember the items can’t be repeated. This baby shower game will force everyone to use their memories and creativity.

Baby Trivia Game – The “Baby Trivia Game” will make the guests use their brains. Simply ask trivia questions about babies and/or pregnancy such as “how many babies are born every year?” or “what is the most popular baby name” or “when does a pregnant woman normally start to show?” Make sure the guest of honor gets the easy questions so the mother-to-be will win the prize.

What’s In the Bag?– Of all the baby shower games, “What’s In The Bag? Game” is too much fun for baby shower guests. Place baby items such as rattles, bottles and the like in separate paper bags. Have the baby shower guests reach in the bag and feel the baby item, trying to guess what is in the bag. The mother-to-be should be given the easiest items to identify so she can win the prize.

Diaper the Baby Game – “Diaper the Baby Game” will test the baby shower guests’ ability to diaper a baby – while blindfolded. All you need is a diaper, a doll, a blindfold and a good sense of humor. Time the “diapering” to see who is the fastest. To make it more challenging, try diapering the doll with one hand or even your feet. This baby shower game will make everyone smile as they watch others try to diaper the baby.

Try these baby shower games at your next baby shower. They are sure to be a big hit with everyone. Don’t be afraid to change them up to make the baby shower games even more fun. Also check out these great baby shower food ideas.



  • Emma Riley Sutton
    August 9, 2013

    These are some great ideas! I love them!

  • According 2 Mandy
    August 13, 2013

    […] Baby shower foods can add festivity to any baby shower. Be sure to offer a variety of foods to satisfy the different tastes of your baby shower guests. And, less is not more; make sure you have enough for everyone. Also check out these great baby shower games. […]

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