‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 4 Preview

“Duck Dynasty” is coming back for season 4 and I could not be more excited about that news. I love this show and I just started watching it last season. I need to catch up on some of the ones that I am behind on, but I will be watching season 4.

The new season starts this Wednesday night on the 14th. You can check out the new preview for this show below. The episode looks great.

Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are going to renew their vows. Phil has to pick out a best man and all of his sons think that it should be them. Willie is positive he will be the one picked, but it looks like there could be someone else. Do you think he will pick a son or maybe even go with a grandson or Uncle Si? I can’t wait to find out! Are you going to be watching season 4 of “Duck Dynasty”?


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