Outdoor Element’s JP Sold His House for the Company

Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets

Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets

Outdoor Element’s is a great company that recently came out with a survival bracelet. You can check out their website to get to know more about the company and their bracelet.

Recently I got the chance to talk to JP of the company and I was really impressed by him. This guy gave up everything that he had to get this company off the ground. The first step he made was by quitting his full-time job to focus on Outdoor Element. Another great thing about this is that he has an amazing wife he stood by his side and was willing to let him do this to pursue his dreams.

He got to a point where he realized he needed to sell his home. He sold the house in one day and was able to live on the money from this for one year. It is great to see someone care about their company so much and makes me want to invest in them even more.


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