Meri Brown is the ‘Sister Wives’ Tooth Puller

“Sister Wives” is now airing season 4 on TLC. In a new clip from the show, Meri Brown is the one that all of the kids trust to pull their teeth. For some reason, they feel like if Meri does it then it won’t hurt them at all. It could have to do with the fact that they are always really close to getting the tooth out on their own before Meri does the pulling.

It is cute to see how much the kids trust her. In the clip below, Meri helps out Savannah. She is actually Janelle’s daughter, but she wants her mom Meri to help her get the tooth out. They got Meri to come over to the house and she simply pulled on the tooth one time and it came out. I love how well this family gets along together.

Don’t miss a new episode of “Sister Wives” tonight on TLC. I will be watching this show tonight!


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