Yummy Baby Shower Foods to Try

baby shower wikimedia commonsNo baby shower is complete without some type of food. Keeping it simple and fun is the best way to go. Offering a variety of fingers foods and desserts will help to keep everyone happy and, hopefully, satisfy the cravings of the guest of honor. Here are a few ideas for baby shower foods that the guests and mother-to-be will love:

Finger Foods:

Nachos: Nachos are a simple and quick finger food that work well for a baby shower. Tortilla chips, melted cheese, refried beans and onions work well. Try “deconstructed nachos” so the baby shower guests can create the nachos they will love. Don’t forget to have a variety of salsas – some will want mild and others will want super spicy.

Fruit Trays – A fruit tray is a great baby shower food. This is especially true when the baby shower is in the summer. Get the common fruits that most of your guests will recognize and love – bananas, watermelon, peaches and strawberries. Don’t forget the exotic fruits as well – passion fruit, kiwi, guava and papaya. This finger food is a healthy alternative for the mother-to-be.

Sandwiches – Sandwiches are a great baby shower food. “Deconstructed sandwiches” work well so the baby shower guests can build their perfect sandwich. Offer a variety of breads such as rye, pumpernickel and bagels. Don’t forget to cut the crusts off the slices of bread for added flair. Exotic cheeses are also a terrific touch. If you think sandwiches are boring, try roll-ups using tortillas instead. Spinach, wheat and corn tortillas work well.

Baby Foods – You can also do a small area of foods that are great for adults, but also great for babies. A few examples would be bananas, blueberries and avocado. You can check out 45 different ideas at Baby Got Stuff.


Cheesecake: Cheesecake is almost always a winner. This baby shower dessert will be a huge hit with almost everyone. Plain cheesecake would work best, especially if you offer a variety of toppings for your baby shower guests to choose from.

Cupcakes – Cupcakes are a great baby shower food. Unlike a cake, you can have a variety of flavors for your guests. You can create a centerpiece by arranging the cupcakes in tiers. If the mother-to-be knows the sex of the baby, the color of the cupcake frosting could let all the guests know if a boy or a girl is on the way.

Fruit and Pretzel Salad – Fruit and pretzel salad is a healthy option to a traditional dessert. It is made like a regular fruit salad, except pretzels are added for a bit of unexpected crunch. Make sure that you add the pretzels at the last minute so they don’t lose their crunch. Simple food coloring added to the whipped cream can announce the sex of the baby that will soon be arriving.

Baby shower foods can add festivity to any baby shower. Be sure to offer a variety of foods to satisfy the different tastes of your baby shower guests. And, less is not more; make sure you have enough for everyone. Also check out these great baby shower games.


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