Review: Luke Bryan’s ‘Crash My Party’ is Best CD Yet

Luke Bryan just came out with a new CD called “Crash My Party.” I have always been a Luke fan, but this CD is by far his best. I put it in and from the very first song fell in love with him all over again.

The first song on the album is called “That’s My Kind of Night.” It is not a typical country song, but somehow it still fits perfect for Luke. This song will make you want to get out on the dance floor. He is talking about the pretty girl by his side in his jacked up pick-up truck. Of course he wants her to hand him another beer though. This song is full of great lines.

Another song that became a fast favorite for me is called “Play It Again.” This song is sure to be a hit. It is all about that one song you wait all day to hear on the radio. The second it comes on you are in a great mood, up dancing, and ready to hear it again! It says, “Oh my God this is my song, I’ve been listening to the radio all night, sittin’ round waiting for it to come on, and here it is.”

If you are looking for a great country album, pick up Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party.” You will not be sorry! It has 13 new tracks and everyone is nothing short of amazing!
crash my party


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