Preview of New Show ‘Alaskan Steel Men’ Coming to Discovery

A new show called “Alaskan Steel Men” is coming to Discovery channel and will premiere on Aug. 30 which is this Friday night. Discovery has just released a new preview that you can check out below. This show will follow a group of guys that work in Kodiak, Alaska. They are welders and take on some of the hardest jobs that you can find.

This show has some really scary times coming. One welder will have to go into the icy waters to make sure he can make a repair before the storm comes. They are not afraid to try anything and you will be shocked by some of the things that they will do. It is going to be a wild season that viewers do not want to miss.

In the preview below, you can get a glimpse of what to expect on “Alaskan Steel Men.” Do not miss the big premiere when it happens on Discovery this Friday night.


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