Make Your Own Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween 2006
Terry.Tyson / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Decorating your yard for Halloween is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday. It is also a fun way to invite trick or treaters to your front door. These are a few simple ideas that will get your yard ready for Halloween.

Ghosts – Use rectangles of clear plastic to create ghosts. Stuff the heads of the ghosts with more clear plastic and tie off with fishing line. Using the same fishing line, hang your ghosts in the trees in your front yard. Don’t forget to hang them from your porch and under the eaves of your home.

Zombies – Create a creepy zombie to sit on your front porch. Stuff an old pair of pants and a shirt with newspaper or the plastic bags from the grocery store. Cover a basketball or soccer ball with plain brown paper (paper bags also work) and, using magic markers, draw a scary zombie face. Don’t forget to add a pair of sneakers or boots and a hat.

Pathway Lighting
– Carve jack-o-lanterns from small pumpkins. Place the jack-o-lanterns along your walkways and driveway. Add more to the steps of your front porch and your actual porch. Place the funny, non-scary jack-o-lanterns closest to the sidewalk. The scariest jack-o-lanterns should be closest to your house.

The Halloween yard decoration ideas will add a spooky and fun element to your front yard. Not only will your front yard look both fun and frightening, but it will welcome trick or treaters to your door, adding to the fun of the scariest holiday.


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