Anna Christine’s Performance of ‘Wild Horses’ on ‘AGT’

Tonight was another new episode of “America’s Got Talent.” I honestly am not a huge fan of singers on this show because there are so many other things to watch that are exciting. Tonight though I loved Anna Christine and her performance of the song “Wild Horses.”

This song is gorgeous anyway. This song has been done by a lot of various people, but one of the best versions I have ever heard was this 11-year-old girl singing it tonight. Anna did not let her nerves show through and was amazing on stage. Mel B was on her feet and every single judge only had positive things to say about her and the performance. Hopefully she can make it through another week.

What did you think of Anna Christine on “AGT” tonight? Sound off in the comments and if you missed it check out the video below to see her performance.

Anna Christine, 2nd Semi-Final ~ Agt 2013 Live by HumanSlinky


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