‘Dexter’ Series Finale and ‘Ray Donovan’ Season Finale Video Preview

Next week on Showtime fans get a huge night of television. “Dexter” will air the series finale. After eight seasons, this show is coming to an end. After that, they will show the season one finale of “Ray Donovan” as this show comes to an end. It has already been renewed for next year.

I am excited to see both of these shows, but I really can’t wait to see how “Dexter” ends. It is going to end with at least one death and I can feel it. Spoilers say it could be Deb, but I honestly would like to think that they would not kill her off. I want them to all get their happily ever after honestly. I also want Saxon to get what he deserves and was shocked that Dexter Morgan let him live to see another day.

Do you plan to watch “Dexter” and “Ray Donovan” next week? I will be watching both of them! Let me know which one you are excited to see in the comments below.


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