‘Under the Dome’ Finale Spoiler Preview

Tonight fans get to see the finale of “Under the Dome” season 1. Yes this show has already been renewed for season 2 and is coming back next summer again. Are you a fan of this show?

Below you can check out one of the previews for this episode tonight. Big Jim has lost his mind and honestly is getting way too big of a head for me. He seems to think that the dome is a good thing and is perfect for him. Jim talks to Junior trying to convince him of the same thing. I think he is going to end up getting himself shot with the way that he is acting about it all honestly.

It will be interesting tonight to see how it all ends. i am sure that the dome will not be coming down yet. That will have to happen in another season or they won’t have a lot of story left to tell. Are you excited to watch the end of “Under the Dome” season 1 tonight? Sound off in the comments.


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