‘Sins of the Preacher’ on Lifetime: Check Out the Preview

I can’t resist a good Lifetime movie of the week. Tonight the new one is called “Sins of the Preacher.” This movie is about a woman who dies from what looks like a suicide, but then it comes out that her husband, who is a preacher, possibly killed her. After that, it is going to get crazy as her mom tries to prove it. Can she pull it off without getting hurt in the process? I hope that she can figure out how to do it!

I love movies like this one and “Sins of the Preacher” is based on a true story so that makes it even better. It always great to see them turn a real story into a movie and see how they can change it up. This is a great way to spend your Saturday night.

It was based on the book “Deadly Little Secrets.” You can check it out below.

Make sure you check out the video preview to this movie below. Do you plan to watch “Sins of the Preacher”? I will be watching this one for sure!


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