Kathy Fowler of Enid Homesellers Goes Above and Beyond for her Clients

home for saleThere are some people in this world that go above and beyond yet remain nameless and are not recognized as the amazing people they are. This is one of those stories.

My husband and I recently relocated to Oklahoma City after both accepting new positions. We left our house in the hands of our Realtor and were waiting for the sale of our home to buy another. Last Friday, Kathy Fowler with Enid Homesellers, our Realtor, was showing our home. Upon entering, she found the ceiling of our living room on the floor, water all over the carpet, and damage to the bathroom floor upstairs. She called us immediately and stayed at our house until disaster relief and a plumber could be contacted and view the house.

Since Friday, she has worked alongside our insurance company, water restoration company, and others to ensure the safety and salvage of our property. She has helped us do much that I don’t think she should go unrecognized. Sometimes Realtors get bad reputations when it’s one apple that spoils the bunch. Kathy has gone above and beyond what her job entails in my opinion. She is smart, dependable, and has been there for us during a time when we couldn’t. Thank you Kathy for everything. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and dependability.

Review by: Jeff and Melissa Weber


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