Collins Key Close-Up Magic Performance on ‘AGT’

Tonight was the final performances of “America’s Got Talent” 2013. Collins Key was one of my favorites tonight on the show. This guy is only 17-years-old and is great at magic. He performed up-close magic and there was no way that I could figure out how he did it either. Later in the show he performed another magic act, but this one was a lot bigger and more like what you would see if he ever got his own Las Vegas show in the future.

Tomorrow night they will announce the big winner of “AGT” 2013. I am really not sure who will win it all this year. They have a pretty good group for the final six this year.

Check out the video below to see Collins Key perform his up-close magic from tonight’s show. What did you think of this trick? Sound off in the comments on who you think will win it all.

Collins Key, 1st Performance on The Finals… by HumanSlinky


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