Check Out Africa Miranda from ‘The New Atlanta’

Last night fans watched “The New Atlanta” and were able to meet Africa Miranda. Viewers loved what they saw of her music and they want more from her. If you are a fan of Africa, check out the videos below for some of her music.

The first video is from her “Behind the Music.” She revealed that she can play the violin and piano also. Africa even opened up a concert for Akon several years ago.

Here is a performance she did at Troy University. It was actually six years ago, but you can still hear how great she is and this girl can sing!

Also check her out in a Mary Kay commercial in the video below.

It is very possible that the show “The New Atlanta” is just what she needs to get her music career going. What do you think of Africa Miranda and do you think she can make it in the music business? Sound off in the comments below.


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