Bri Cuoco of ‘The Voice’ Performs on Youtube

Tonight on “The Voice” 2013 viewers got to meet Bri Cuoco. She brought along her famous sister Kaley, who is from “The Big Bang Theory.” Thing went great for her on the show and not even knowing who she was the judges fell in love with her. What did you think of Bri?

If you are a fan, check out this video below. She posted it on YouTube herself and it is a video of her singing the song “Dock Of The Bay.” She did an amazing job on this song and this video alone started getting her fans. Bri stands a pretty chance of doing well on the show if she can make it to where the fans vote on their favorites.

Do you think that Bri could make it to the end? Sound off in the comments below.

This video is just pictures of Bri with her gorgeous sister Kaley Cuoco. These are some great pictures of her.


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  • dan
    September 24, 2013

    wow that sucks and she been sing for a long time. and the guy playing thr guitar is really bad he is beating the hell out of it. that’s no way to play

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