Elizabeth Smart Releases New Book ‘My Story’

Elizabeth Smart has a new book coming out called “My Story.” This book is all about her horrible time in captivity. In this book, she is going to reveal a lot of about her life and the terrible things that she went through. She was taken out of her bedroom in Salt Lake City back in 2002.

Smart was raped and even chained to a tree during her time with her kidnapper. She was forced to be a sex slave and was only 14-years-old at the time. Now 10 years later she is ready to finally speak out about what she went through so many years ago. This poor girl is had to deal with a lot and I am sure that is going to be a really sad story to read, but interesting at the same time.

Will you be checking out “My Story” by Elizabeth Smart? I plan on reading this book because it sounds like a great true story. Sound off in the comments on your thoughts.

Make sure you check out her book in the link below.


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