Check out Geico’s Hump Day Commercial

Geico has a new hump day commercial that everyone is talking about and is even getting some kids in trouble at school because they won’t stop saying it. I do have to admit this commercial is a little bit annoying because this camel talks in a weird voice.

It is only 30 seconds, but it is enough to get people talking and everyone thinks that it is a pretty good one. Wednesday has been called hump day for a long time now, but this is just a new way of looking at it and it is pretty funny.

If you haven’t seen the Geico hump day commercial with the camel, you can check out it below in the video. Sound off in the comments on what you think about this commercial. It is going viral! Can you believe that it has 15 million views? Now that is a lot of views for one 30 second video.


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