Buy Bare Ease for Pain Free Waxing As Seen on ‘Shark Tank’

The product that impressed me tonight on “Shark Tank” was called Bare Ease. It is used for pain free waxing, but my favorite part was that you could use it when you get laser hair removal done as well. I have had laser hair removal done more than once and in certain areas of your body it can be very painful.

You actually put this product on at home before you go to the doctor. One thing I thought was really cool too was that the woman who made it was a doctor, but you can buy the product over the counter. The website says it is available at Walgreens, but myself it is just easier to order it from Amazon and you can do the same from the link below.

What did you think of Pain Ease on “Shark Tank”? I am thinking this is a product worth trying even though none of the sharks made an offer.


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