Watch Jillian Michaels Find Out She Got Caught Cheating on ‘The Biggest Loser’

In a shocking scandal last night on “The Biggest Loser,” Jillian Michaels got caught giving her team caffeine pills and she did not get permission to do it. If you missed it, the video below shows Allison Sweeney telling her about getting caught and being in trouble for it so check it out.

I was honestly shocked to see this all happen. I was watching the show and I didn’t think that there was any way that she would cheat. To me it appears like they brought it up to cause drama. Why would Jillian just start doing this after so many years on the show? Has she been doing it all along and just got caught or did they just let it slide before?

It is interesting that this twist has brought Ruben Studdard back into the game and he will return next week. I think they wanted this to happen too and that they know it will bring in viewers.

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  • Mia
    November 18, 2013

    LOL!! What the producers of the “B.L.” thought of to bring RUBEN BACK is SO Lame!! I mean, Really! I don’t know about the other Viewers, but for the very First time after a contestant was sent home, I just KNEW ‘Ruben’ was coming back!! I didn’t know ‘how,’ but I Knew he would! I Felt the “B.L.” Producers would hear from the ‘disgruntled’ viewers and immediately, not to mention an immediate Decline in their ratings! Don’t get me wrong, I’m Very happy Ruben is coming back. But I think now Ruben will be under More pressure to lose this weight fast, in order that the “B.L.” won’t have to send him home ‘AGAIN.’ But again, as glad as I am that he’s returning, ‘this’ was a VERY ‘OBVIOUS’ scheme to get him back and to RAISE the ‘Ratings!!’ Just one favor, please.. ‘Respect’ your Viewers!! They’ll watch your shows if they like them, no matter what, BUT- They are FAR FROM BEING STUPID!!!

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