Scott Disick Admits to Hangover After Holidays

blowfishScott Disick is admitting to a hangover after the holidays. His girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian has not been very happy with him in the past over his drinking problem and now it looks like he is back on the bottle. I have to wonder if this guy will ever get his act together.

Scott went to his Twitter to say, ““Thank god for @blowfishangover. Feel like a million bucks this morning.” It looks like he found the cure for his hangover, but not for his drinking problem yet. I have always hoped that one day Scott would figure it all out and end up marrying Kourtney. If he can’t get his drinking under control, then he will never get his happily ever after either.

Scott Disick didn’t post that this was an ad or anything either so it just looks like is hungover. Hopefully someday things will change, but so far things aren’t looking up for Lord Disick.



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