‘Sister Wives’ Returns Tonight With New Season

“Sister Wives” is returning for season four tonight on TLC and I have to admit I am really excited. This show is all about Kody Brown and his four wives. They live as polygamists and it is a very interesting life style. This season will only be eight episodes long.

The last time the show ended it was with the Brown family moving into their new homes. All four of these houses are right next to each other. It makes it where the husband Kody can move back and forth between houses easier. He doesn’t have his own home, but actually keeps things at each house for when he is there.

Meri’s only daughter Mariah also just left for college. As viewers last saw, she is not planning to have another baby right now and so it will be just her in the home unless other kids are visiting or Kody is there for the night. This is going to be hard to get used to for her.

Do you plan to watch “Sister Wives” on TLC tonight? I will be watching this one! Sound off in the comments.

If you have never watched this show, get to know the family in this video below.


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