Tori Spelling Takes the Wedding Ring Off

Tori Spelling
NYCArthur / / CC BY-NC-SA

The rumors are flying that Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori Spelling and now things are heating up even more. Tori was spotted out and about without her wedding ring on. Even if it was a mistake then she didn’t think about what people would have to say about her not wearing her ring.

Tori went out on December 29 for dinner, but left the ring at home. She had all four of her kids with her and was having a meal with her BFF Mehran Farhat. It is not strange to see Tori out with Mehran and Dean nowhwere to be seen, but she usually has her ring on her finger. It is unknown where Dean was at while she was out to dinner.

So do you think that Dean is a cheater? I honestly have always felt like these two seem really in love, but I could be wrong. I hope that the rumors are not true.

Source: Radar Online


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