Reports Tori Spelling is Losing Weight Over Cheating Scandal

Tori Spelling (5)
sarahinvegas / / CC BY-NC-ND

According to Radar Online, Tori Spelling is now losing a lot of weight due to the cheating scandal with her husband Dean McDermott. If it is true or not, she has to be stressed out dealing with the rumors.

An insider is saying that Tori is now humiliated and she is not eating at all. A woman named Emily Goodhand has told the press that she had sex with Dean while he was working in Canada for his show “Chopped.” Now of course Tori is wondering if her husband has been cheating all along or if this is something new. Tori and Dean actually met each other when they were both married to someone else.

Reports are that Tori Spelling is now focusing on her kids, but is having trouble with wanting to eat. Hopefully she can get stronger and get her act together for her four kids. I love Tori and wish her the best!


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