Nikki Ferrell is a Huge Jason Aldean Fan

jason aldean
whittlz / / CC BY-NC-SA

Nikki Ferrell of The Bachelor 2014 has been very active on her Twitter account lately. She recently just revealed that she is a huge fan of country music singer Jason Aldean. She is really hoping to go to his concert. Nikki said, “I need tickets or I will DIE RT @Jason_Aldean: Who is coming to see the last leg of the #NightTrainTour?”

This could be a huge hint to Juan Pablo Galavis if the is the one who wins his heart and gets the rose at the end. Since she is a big reality TV star now, Nikki could end up with free tickets if she lucky after a tweet like that too.

Jason Aldean will not be on The Bachelor this season, but next week Billy Currington will be making an appearance to perform on the show. Whoever gets the chance to watch him perform is going to have a great date.

Do you think that Nikki Ferrell could be the one to win Juan Pablo’s heart? Sound off in the comments.


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