Find Out What the ‘#Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ are Worth?

Tonight was the big premiere of “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” These people spend money like it is not even a factor for them. It doesn’t bother them to just drop money left and right. So how much are they really worth? The news is out! They are worth more money than most of us will ever even get a chance to see in our lives.

Dorothy Wang: $10,000,000

Morgan Stewart: $5,000,000

Jonny Drubel: $800,000

Brendan Fitzpatrick: $500,000

Roxy Sowlaty: $100,000

This shows that Morgan and Dorothy are obviously worth a lot more than the other people on the show. These girls are worth a lot of money and even said that they consider walking and shopping on Rodeo drive their cardio. Neither one of them have earned this money on their own though.

You can see new episodes of “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” on Sunday nights on E!. Did you like this show? Let me know in the comments below.


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