Celebriscents for Great Candles With a Celebrity Twist

Recently I got the chance to check out the Celebriscents Leonar-Dough candle. I love the cute way they do these candles with a name that has to go with your favorite celebrities, but still smells great. This one has a strong smell, but it isn’t too much and really smells good. I love the smell of cookies that came along with this one.

These candles are offered in glass or tins. They have various scents such as Bun-Jovi and Bee-Yonce. The names they have been able to come up with are really cute and make you just want to order a candle. They are honestly a great idea for a gift if you have someone you are close to that has a favorite celeb in their life. They are also very affordable for a gift that you will be proud to give your loved one.

You can check out all of their candles at the Celebriscents Website. They also offer candles that are for your Zodiac sign, special places, and even certain drinks. This is such a cute concept and I love it!

Note: Celebriscents sent me a free sample of their Leonar-Dough candle that smells like chocolate chip cookie dough.


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