Making Pallet Wine Racks for Your Home

My husband has found a new project and it is making things out of pallets. He has been making wine racks and they are amazing. Honestly I am really impressed with how good they come out and they are also all very unique.

Here is one of the first ones that he made out of a pallet.

Pallet Wine Rack
This is one that was made for my brother-in-law. If it hadn’t been his, I would have taken it for myself. I love how they used a sign instead of a board on the front.

Pallet Wine Rack
Here is another example. This one has a chalkboard on the front so you can make it say whatever you want or change it up from time to time.

Pallet Wine Rack
Here is one more that came out great!

pallet wine rack
This one is with just a horseshoe.

Pallet wine rack

This is one of my favorites. He actually sanded it all down, stained, and made it look amazing. It is still pallet wood.

pallet wine rack

I love the bell addition to this one.

pallet wine rack

I can’t wait to see what other fun ideas he can come up with for his pallet wine racks. So far I don’t have one for my house so that is going to have to be his next project. I love seeing these when they are complete.


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