’19 Kids and Counting’ News: The Duggar’s Rules for Courting

The “19 Kids and Counting” family has some rules for courting that some people see as strange. It really is just an old fashioned way of looking at things and they expect their daughters to receive respect at all times.

Here are some of the rules for courting a Duggar daughter:

  • They use the brothers and sisters as chaperons and it seems to work. Sometimes the younger boys are even the ones that go along on the date.
  • They consider this “dating with a purpose.” They are dating to see if they want to marry each other and that is it pretty much. It is not just for fun.
  • It was a long time before Jessa was allowed to talk on the phone in private and they get one hour a night. All of their texts are done in group texts that the parents can read too.
  • You aren’t allowed to kiss or hold hands until they are engaged. Once engaged they can hold hands, but kissing is put off until the big wedding day if it happens. Jessa and Ben did side hug but only for pictures and saying hello or good bye to each other.

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