Evel Dick Donato Says Having HIV Made Him Broke

Evel Dick Donato of “Big Brother” announced something really big today. News came out that he actually left the show because he has HIV. Now he is speaking out to TMZ and says that he is totally broke because of it. He is now on the show “Couples Therapy” that airs on VH1.

So hear is the deal. He is taking one pill every single day so that he can stay healthy. This helps prevent it from turning into full blown Aids. They cost over $100 a day. He said that once you end up getting broke from the pills then you can get help for your medicine. When he found out he had HIV, Evel Dick didn’t even have health insurance.

Everyone is also wondering why he left the game, but Evel Dick shared that he didn’t have a choice. CBS told him that he had to go. Fans are supporting him and are glad that he is speaking out now.

In the video below, Evel Dick explained why he left “Big Brother” when it happened, but know fans know this is not the entire story.


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