‘Big Brother 16’ News: What is Frankie Grande’s YouTube Channel?

Fans loved “Big Brother 16” and Frankie Grande is one contestant that everyone was talking about the entire season. He was one of the first ones to go into the house and is also the brother of Ariana Grande.

He explained that he is also an YouTube sensation. He posts random things on YouTube and has a ton of followers. If you want to see Frankie on YouTube, check out his page at this link. This is also a great way to get to know him better because the pages shares a ton of videos about him.

Going into the house he had over 190,000 followers and a ton of views on his videos. They are just videos about him and where he is showing the things that he is up to on a daily basis.

Now Frankie Grande admitted that he had no plans at all to tell the houseguests who he is or about his sister. It was interesting to see that they couldn’t figure it out.


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