Facebook game talks about running over neighbor’s dog

Facebook game
There are always new Facebook games popping up and a recent one is really upsetting some people. Everyone just plays the game and doesn’t seem to think about what people might think of them when they read it.

Here is what you could see posted on your friend’s Facebook page, “”I accidentally ran over my neighbor’s dog. To avoid conflict, I put him in my car & threw him out down the road. They will think he ran away & I won’t get dirty looks every time I walk outside! Don’t judge me. I couldn’t find a shovel,.”

A lot of people see this status and think that their friends have actually been hacked, but it is really just another silly Facebook game. If you comment on or like the status, then your friend will send you a private message telling you to play too. If you ignore the message, then you may never know what is going on with your friend.

You might want to just break the chain and not play along. There is no reason to upset your friends and family by posting a status that isn’t true at all on your Facebook page. What do you think of these new games? Sound off in the comments.


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