Honey Boo Boo Coming to ‘The Doctors’

Alana Thompson of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is coming to “The Doctors.” The show has been speaking out about how they are concerned about her weight at such a young age. They want to help the girl so Mama June is bringing her to the show.

The first episode with Alana will air on February 25. They should be doing regular updates with her after that as well. Access Hollywood was at the taping and says that Mama June just made up a lot of excuses for her daughter’s weight gain. If you have seen the show, it is very obvious that they do not eat healthy at all. Remember their spaghetti sauce made from ketchup and butter?

“The Doctors” will be helping them out with an age appropriate diet for her. They are even using a nutritionist in her area to help her. She is only 4’6″ tall but already weighs 125 lbs. Don’t miss “The Doctors” on February 25. I will be watching!


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