‘Bachelor’ 2015 Update: Is Whitney in California with Chris?

Fans of “The Bachelor” 2015 can’t help but want updates on the adorable couple Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff. He is now in California and working hard on filming “Dancing With the Stars.” Along with that, comes a lot of time spent practicing as well. So is Whitney there with him?

On week one of the show, viewers saw her sitting in the audience alongside Chris Harrison. Today she went to her Instagram page to share that she is excited to head back to California to see him once again. It sounds like she is not staying there all week long while he practices, but she will be back in LA before his live performance tomorrow night.

Whitney Bischoff shared a photo two days ago that showed that she was in Chicago. It looks like she is splitting up her time right now, but she is by Chris Soules side as much as possible. Fans can’t wait to see if this couple actually ends up getting married and so far things are looking good!


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