Molly Burnett Leaves ‘Days Of Our Lives’

Molly Burnett (Instagram)

Molly Burnett (Instagram)

Fans of “Days of Our Lives” are surprised to hear the news that Molly Burnett is leaving the show and exiting her role as Melanie Jonas. She is actually done filming already, but they film so far ahead that she will be around on the show up until summer.

When she came back to the show, it was rumored that it was not going to be long-term. There are rumors going wild about how she will exit the show. They say everything from that she will be kidnapped to that her character will end up dead.

Now with a soap opera, you never know that things are not always forever. Molly Burnett could decide to show back up later or they could even make the decision on “DOOL” to recast her character of Melanie Jonas. Whatever way they do it, there should be time to tie it all up before she is gone.


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  • Margaret
    April 6, 2015

    molly actually stopped taping in December she will be on air till may.
    Melissa and Freddie ( serena and Sonny ). Just wrapped up and will be seen till August

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