Check out Jill and Derick Dillard’s Birth Announcement Video

Baby Dilly is finally here and Jill and Derek Dillard are sharing a birth announcement with their fans. Everyone has been waiting for the news that Jill Duggar’s little boy had finally arrived. If you want to hear all the details, check out the video to get it straight from the parents.

You also get a chance to see their little boy Israel David Dillard. He is adorable and weighed in at over 9 lbs. Jill does admit that things didn’t go as planned for them, but they are excited to have their son here now. It looks like mommy and baby are both doing great!

May 5 you will get to see a big birth special of “19 Kids and Counting.” It will air for Mother’s Day and let fans in on all that happened when their son was born. Thankfully all is well and now they can get to know their little boy. I personally think he is adorable.


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