Ashley Olsen Lyme disease: ‘Full House’ star gets sad diagnosis

Mary Kate and Ashley (Youtube Capture)

Mary Kate and Ashley (Youtube Capture)

Ashley Olsen of “Full House” has been dealing with being sick, but didn’t know what was wrong with her. Metro confirmed that she has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. This disease is one that a lot of people did not know about before, but Yolanda Foster of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been very open with her battle and is helping to bring out awareness. Avril Lavigne was also diagnosed with this recently.

Reports are that she has been battling this for a while, but that it is getting worse. A source close to her spoke out and said “It’s gotten worse. She was diagnosed in the very late stages so early detection measures weren’t options for her. She’s really going through it.” It is unknown how she got it for sure, but most times it comes from a bite from a tick.

Olsen has never said a word to her fans about this disease. Over the last few years she has not been seen out much, but it sounds like it might be because of this disease. Radar Online recently shared photos of her and explained that she was fighting some kind of disease. She has been very tired, in pain and even moody because of the disease. Back in 2012, she said that she just didn’t like to be the center of attention anymore. Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen became famous from their time playing Michelle Tanner on “Full House.” Now that her disease has been revealed, hopefully she will speak out to the world about her disease and help with awareness as well for Lyme disease.


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