‘Big Brother’ 2015 Speculation: What Twists Will They Have?

It is almost time for Big Brother 17 to start its two night season premiere and many fans are already speculating on what they can expect this season. While the show is pretty secretive about what will happen before the game starts, according to Bustle on June 2, here are some plot twists you can expect from a show that says to “expect the unexpected!”

Celebrity Big Brother
There are some rumors that they may try to do a celebrity version of the show. This is done in the UK all the time, but has never been done in the USA.

Could veterans from past shows be coming to season 17?

Some fans think that some veterans from past shows could return for season 17. How many of you would like to see some past houseguests? Although they have already done the show, they might make it more interesting to watch. Some of the best seasons were when they brought fan favorites back.

Fan’s VS all-stars?

Could Big Brother fans expect to see a competition on the show between fans and the all-stars? Although this worked well for survivor, it might not work well for Big Brother. However, if it does, maybe the all-stars will all be together with fans trying to get in with the all-stars even if they don’t want some newbie by their side.
What do you think is going to happen on this new season of Big Brother?

A season of recruited houseguests
Many fans are speculating that this is going to be a season of recruits. This means that there may be some new houseguests that didn’t apply or audition to be on the show. This might not be a bad thing, however, if they aren’t a season of floaters. However, this is a stab in the heart to the regular houseguests.

Something totally new
Sometimes they decide to come up with something totally new and you never know what CBS has planned. This season could be something we have never seen before and didn’t even expect.

“Big Brother 17” won’t even be starting until later this month so everyone will just have to wait to find out. Also check out our Facebook group Big Brother Fans Unite for updates!


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