Duggar Family Pastor Shares Thoughts on Josh’s Scandal

A lot of people are speaking out about the Josh Duggar scandal and fans are excited to hear from his family pastor. On Sunday, the Duggar’s preacher spoke out about his thoughts. People was able to land this interview.

Dr. Ronnie Floyd revealed “Everyone does wrong, and what was wrong was very wrong as to what was testified to and it’s completely unacceptable. But I’m thankful, whether it’s him or any other one, that I serve a God who can forgive everything.” He has been the preacher at Cross Church since 1986.

He does admit to being shocked by this scandal. It was not something he saw coming or knew about at all. This is obviously not one of the church officials that they went to when it happened so many years ago. Floyd said “All of us were surprised by the news because … their reputation in Arkansas is that they are a very Christian family.” It was also shared that Jill and Derick Dillard are active members of the Cross Church now after their marriage.


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