‘UnReal’ Coming to Lifetime June 1: Check Out the Preview

Well, it’s almost time! The new Reality show, “UnReal” will be airing on Lifetime in less than 24 hours. Are you excited to watch it yet? Many people are very excited because “UnReal” shows what it is like behind the cameras of reality TV.

Although there are many people who believe reality TV really is real, some say it isn’t. Even Lifetime has been advertising the show as a “fictitious behind the scenes glimpse” of reality TV. However, according to Starcasm on May 28, Deanna Pappas who was on the Bachelorette says it is “totally realistic.” She shares with Starcasm about the part where the carriage pulls up and the lady gets out and is playing the violin is really what a contestant will do to get everyone’s attention.

According to a former contestant of The Bachelor, Jamie Otis, UnReal is just like what The Bachelor is like behind the scenes. Here is what she tweeted about the show on May 29: “I was on #TheBachelor At @AETV upfronts I saw @UnRealLifetime. I was shocked-it’s EXACTLY what behind the scenes of The Bachelor looks like. ” And why wouldn’t it be like The Bachelor when the co-creator of the show is a former Bachelor producer?

If you are a reality TV fan, you don’t want to miss UnReal which premieres tomorrow night, June 1 on Lifetime.


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