Patti Stanger’s Ex-Fiance is Already Moving On

It has only been one day since news broke that Patti Stanger of “The Millionaire Matchmaker” split with fiancé David Krause. According to Radar Online on June 23, Krause seems to be moving on already! Apparently, Krause has been seen chatting it up with a new woman on a popular dating site and according to the texts from that popular dating site, it seems Krause has been on this site for two weeks now. Wow!

Stanger and Krause met on a dating site themselves and dated for three years and were engaged to be married. Now “The Millionaire Matchmaker” broke things off with Krause. It doesn’t seem to be too upsetting to him though since he is chatting with another woman already on a dating site now.

Stanger has been hanging out with friends and family at the Hampton’s while Krause is moving on already. He sure does act fast, doesn’t he? Although the major details of the break-up are still unfolding, sources say that Stanger will be posting an update to her blog soon to let everyone in on the juicy details. Everyone can’t wait to hear it straight from her.


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