Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Final Pick: Could Reality Steve Be Wrong?

Tonight is the night “The Bachelorette” fans have been waiting so long for, the final pick. Will it be Nick Viall or Shawn Booth or will Kaitlyn Bristowe walk away single? Whoever she chooses might come to a surprise to everyone who has been keeping up with Reality Steve’s predictions. One thing is for sure, something big is about to happen tonight. Whether she gives her final rose to either of the final two or if she walks away single, everyone is in for an emotional episode!

Back in May when the show first started for this season, Reality Steve predicted she would walk away single. Once Kaitlyn released a Snapchat video last month that showed her in bed with Shawn, Reality Steve changed his spoilers and admitted he was wrong.

The final two are pure rivals. Shawn has spent most of the season complaining about Nick and they just don’t get along. She could not have two guys that hate each other more and want to win so that they beat the other one as well as win her heart.

It is obvious she has an attraction with Nick Viall. So do you think that Reality Steve could be wrong? We will all find out in just a few short hours and I can’t wait! We will be live chatting on Facebook in the Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans Unite group.


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