‘Big Brother 17’ News: Vanessa Decides Not to Save Jason

So, Jason will most likely be voted out of the house on Thursday, according to a report by the Big Brother Network on July 29 because Vanessa has stopped operation save Jason. Although it was either Becky Burgess or Jason Roy up for eviction, after much talk and consideration, the house guests have decided it will be Jason after all.

Last night everyone saw Meg working on Clay for the Operation Save Jason movement. She seemed to be getting through to him because after a long talk and then they both went to Shelli to chat about saving Jason for another 30 minutes. Although they had the discussion about sending Jason home or saving him, they decided in the long run they would be better off just evicting him. However, they decided to go have a talk with Vanessa first before finally making their decision.

Vanessa quickly pointed out to Shelli that if they did send Jason home, they would be breaking up a four person alliance versus sending Becky home would only break up a side pair alliance or any other alliance deals she has with anyone. This was when they realized sending Jason home would weaken the rest of the group he is in. So if anyone was hoping Jason would be staying, too bad because he will be voted off Thursday since they all realized that he needs to go now. Don’t miss the new episode of “Big Brother 17” to watch if they actually send Jason home.


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